Star 42

Star 42, the answer to everything, wanted a strong logo without over using the star

Glacier Financial

Glacier Financial

Glacier wanted a logomark that could stand alone and instills security. The shield represented both nicely.

Snow View

Snow View is student housing in Utah for women, they wanted a feminine touch.

Helm Capital

A play on words, the family name Helm lended itself well to a ship's helm logo.

Dirt Cheap

Dirt Cheap is a local AC/DC cover band that wanted a logo that rocked

Mind Bomb

Specializing in selling trading card games, Mind Bomb wanted a Nintendo throw back.

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Agel World

One of Agel's International events, AgelWorld Elevate was held in Torino, Italy

Skye Poitras

Skye Poitras, owner and trainer of Skye's Dog Training, is the Salt Lake area's only Certified Behavior Consultant

Agent Buyer Track

Agent Buyer Track is a simple system that makes less work for realtors while generating more revenue for them.

Apparition Ink

Before merging with another shop, Apparition Ink was one of Utah's premier tattoo shops.

Agel Mobile

Agel needed a clean informative site to launch their newest sales tools.

Helm Capital

Helm Capital wanted an eye catching web site to help their auto loan company to reach more people.

Online Image

Online Image

Online Image was looking for a new business card to more closely match the look of their website.

Agel Product Image

Agel UMI

Agel needed some images of their products surrounded by their ingredients for use in catalogs, flyers, banners, and other various uses.

Hostage Band Poster

Hostage Band Poster

Hostage wanted a poster for their upcoming show

Agel Product Collage

Agel Product Collage

Another image for Agel showing several of their products surrounded by some of their ingredients

Your Team Action Business Cards

Your Team Action

Your Team action needed some fancy new business cards.

Agel Flyer

Agel Flyer

Agel wanted a flyer to show people the benefits of their gel suspension system

title graphics, video editing, intros


Title Graphic

A title graphic created for the Agel World Tour - Vegas event.

Title Graphic

A wide format title graphic created for another Agel event.

Logo Intro

A logo reveal/intro for the Spectranetics company

Logo Intro

A logo reveal/intro for AgelWorld Elevate

Title Graphic

A title graphic for Agel World Impact

Video Editing

A recap of a Bear Lake trip cut to music.

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